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This is the year of new things and we are getting ready to ride a new wave of glory that the Lord is about to unleash upon His church.

If you read my prophetic word for 2022 you will remember that I shared concerning a new church that is set to arise. As the Pandemic finally ends and fades away, many are simply returning to where they were before.

But God has something new in mind; something far greater than what we have known before. He is going to make some major changes to the Body of Christ, which He has been preparing and setting in place for some time now.

The Lord gave me a prophetic word concerning the Covid19 Pandemic over 20 years ago, and it has already taken more than two years to fulfill that word. But now that the Pandemic is ending, we are going to see some exciting new things come into being.

Some of these were shown in the second part of my vision of the Coming Storm, which you can read here if you have not yet read it.

The Vision of the Coming Storm

Here is the prophetic word for this year

Prophetic Word for 2022

And here is the latest Prophetic Word from the Lord concerning the new move that is soon to take place

The Next Storm

Some Changes Need to Be Made

The Church of the End times is not only going to be as great as the Early Church. It is going to be far more powerful and magnificent than the early church.

It is going to look a bit different from the standard church that currently exists in the Status Quo Church System.

There Will be Less Emphasis on Large-Scale Gatherings And Mega-Churches

The Pandemic proved that such churches could be disabled almost overnight by the enemy. And like the huge ships in my original vision, they can be destroyed.

The Work of the Ministry Will Not be Confined to Select Individuals

In my vision, the heroes were not the big names who stood up and became known in public. But the true leaders were to be found amongst the people, not trying to make a name for themselves.

New Moves of God Will Not Be Confined To Specific Churches or Gatherings

In the past, new moves, often called ‘awakenings’, were initiated and maintained by specific ministers, who moved in the anointing to bring revival to believers.

This often resulted in believers needing to travel great distances to attend a place where they could come into contact with the Revival Fire of God.

This will not be the case with the next great move of God – the fire will be available everywhere.

No Single Nation Will Be Considered The Center of Revival or Awakening

God’s promise for the End Times is that He will pour out of His Spirit on all flesh. That means every nation of this world.

Expect to see God move in all nations at the same time, and not just the more established nations.

God Will Use the Young, the Old, Male, and Female

Even in nations that have suppressed women, God will raise up mighty warriors amongst both men and women. And He will also use children, teenagers, and young people as well as the more mature and seniors.

Are You Ready To Be Ignited With His Fire?

Here at Global Business Ministries, we are ready to be a catalyst in causing the release of God’s Revival Fire on the nations of the world.

We are ready to stand up and be counted and are planning a special annual conference this September/October; to present motivating teaching and impartation; to get things going in our country of South Africa.

We hope that many will also attend from other nations and take the fire back with them.

See Our Conference Agenda For More

If you would like to attend our Revival Fire Conference this year in Johannesburg, South Africa, then please check all the details on the other pages of this website. If you are traveling in from another country, then now would be a good time to book both your tickets and your accommodation while you are here.

Distance Learning Option

For those who would love to take part in the conference but cannot attend in person, there is also a distance-learning option.

This option will give you full access to the video recordings of each meeting as they are uploaded, and also full download of the video and audio files, plus transcripts of the messages once they are ready after the conference.

We hope to see you there and to impart to you and help ignite His Fire both in and upon you.

Les and Daphne Crause
Apostolic Parents
Global Business Ministries