Conference Costs

The cost for attending the Revival Fire Conference is as follows:

Attending In Person

Single Attendee: $100 or R1000 payable in advance

Married Couples: $150 or R1500 payable in advance

The cost includes:

  1. Attendance at all sessions of the conference
  2. Complimentary tea/coffee and cookies
  3. The download of video and audio files
  4. Transcripts of all messages preached at the conference

Please Note:

We can only reserve seats for those who have paid upfront, so please make payment early to make sure your registration is secure.

We will also make recordings of times of worship and personal ministry.

If you were ministered to personally, the video of your time of ministry will be recorded and made available to you afterward. Any spiritual event that is captured on video will also be uploaded for everyone to view.

Distance Learning

Video recordings of each meeting will be uploaded each day, to allow those unable to attend in person to enjoy still, the anointing and teaching given at the conference.

At the end of the conference, all messages will be transcribed and the transcripts uploaded also. You may then either view the video, audio, and transcripts online or download them to your computer for later viewing.

Each meeting, time will be taken to minister directly into the camera, to those who are participating from a distance.

If you have a problem with data in downloading the video and audio files, you may bring a USB drive with you and request a copy of these files on that drive. We will charge a small fee for this.

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